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I Left My Heart in San Francisco... You can too!

San Francisco Hotels
San Francisco has many fine hotels, many with views and staff that will pamper you and your partner. When people visit San Francisco, the questions I am often asked is, "What is a good hotel in San Francisco?" "Where are places to stay in San Francisco?" and everybody's favorite, "Do you know of any cheap hotels in San Francisco? Treat yourself to a romantic San Francisco visit. A beautiful hotel experience doesn't have to be expensive. We show you how!

Romantic Getaway Napa Valley Wine Country

Looking for romantic getaway tips for the Napa Valley but don't know where to start? We'll provide you with advice on where to go and places to visit that will enhance your romance with memories that will last a lifetime!

Cheap Romantic Hotels in California

Discover the richness of California's finest hotels and bed and breakfasts. We give you tips on great hidden gems that will help you plan your next weekend getaway that will povide you with years of smiles and delightful memories.

Santa Fe, New Mexico: Where Couples Fall in Love!

Whether you are planning a honeymoon in Santa Fe, or just want a romantic getaway vacation in New Mexico, we will give you insider tips on where to go in Santa Fe and tips on what to do in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Find out how to fall in love all over again with our guide to a successful romantic trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Spring & Summer Fun: Romantic Connecticut

A summer vacation to the Connecticut shoreline is full of New England charm but just a short drive from New York and Boston. We're not talking about Connecticut's Gold Coast (Westport, Greenwich, etc) but rather about the more relaxed and authentic bit of the Connecticut coastline located between New Haven and Rhode Island on Long Island Sound...

Cancun travel tips

Cancun is a great romantic travel spot and you will love all the beaches but you may need some travel tips just to help you out. Nearly alll of the beaches in Cancun and in Mexico do not cost anything for the public to enjoy. There are very few lifeguards and some beaches have no lifeguards at all. So, you will need to use all of your water safety rules and never swim alone. There are always water condition flags posted so you read and follow all those directions.

Planning a Romantic Getaway

If you're going to plan a romantic getaway, be sure to collaborate on this. Everything from where you're going to eat to who is doing the driving must be covered. So everything we're going to talk about is assumed that the two of you will be talking about it together. I can't stress enough how important it is for a couple to plan a trip together. This is perhaps one of the things that leads to the great trip spoiler: Bickering.

It's all about falling in love... again!
This is very common, especially if there are kids around. Yet it defeats the point of a romantic trip to let the old bickering creep back in. The whole point of a romantic getaway or a honeymoon is to relax, talk to one another, and reach deep down to that person you fell in love with. More importantly, one must dig down and be that person your loved one fell in love with. If there is ever a time to apply a sparkle to your eyes, it's on a romantic trip together.

Repeat after me:

  • I will be that person my partner fell in love with
  • I will not bicker
  • I will forgive
  • I will modulate the tone of my voice
  • I will not criticize

It is easy to fall back on those patterns of bickering or being overly critical, so consciously give it a break. This is perhaps the single most rewarding thing couples can do for one another to make their romantic trip a success. Once that is under control nothing will be dampen your ability to have a lovely time together. Even if it rains, you can always rent some movies, call for some pizza, and watch your favorite movies in bed. Or you can go out to dinner and a movie then have a dessert or cocktail somewhere nice.

Plan your evenings: The Art of the Romantic Dinner
The next step in planning a romantic trip together is researching the local restaurants. We try finding restaurant reviews for restaurants that are in town. In fact, many of our romantic trips away had their beginning in a newspaper article. Internet research focusing on positive reviews is a good way to plan ahead.

Think of dinner as a stop on your itinerary. Every day should have a sit down dinner, preferably somewhere nice where the staff is going to pamper you. White table cloth establishments will generally make it easier for you to focus on your conversation because the staff will focus on helping you select your dinner (if you need recommendations), and the wine pairing are often fantastic, so let your sommelier offer suggestions. We have had wonderful surprises asking the waiter or sommelier for advice on wine pairings, and have even been served wine from the owners personal collection that wasn't on the wine list! Now that's service...

But before you make your reservations, do take time to view the menu. Most restaurants publish their menus online, or will be happy to fax or email a copy to you if you ask. The reason I mention this is because it's entirely possible that you may not like what they're serving- although that has rarely been the case. I think the only time I backed out of dinner was because the restaurant only offered uncooked vegetarian food. While it was highly praised from San Francisco to New York, I just couldn't shake the feeling that I would need to eat another dinner after eating at that place, so I never went. But some people are vegetarians and while most restaurants offer vegetarian dishes to accomodate your eating requirements, not all of them do and one cannot assume that a restaurant will offer food that you will actually want to dig a fork into.

Plan your trip around an event or local sights
There are many things to fill the day with. A good stop is to find the local tourism board's website. To search, type in something like, "(City Name) tourism board" or "(City Name) tourism department" or "(City Name) tourist board" or "(City Name) tourist department" and you will be sure to find a wealth of information about local festivals, exhibits, and celebrations. One good search is "Things to do in (City Name).

As well as giving you a hint for where you may want to go, this may also give you a heads up on where not to go. For instance, if there is going to be a loud rock concert in the main square, and this isn't what you are looking for, then you may want to plan something on the other side of town.

Plan your trip around activities
What do you like to do that you don't ordinarily have the chance to do? Do you like to paddle around lazily on a lake in a boat? Do you enjoy browsing through quaint hat shops trying on goofy hats for kicks then maybe sampling some music at a music store (maybe picking up something for the ride home). Music, especially local music, is a great way to bring the memories back home. If you see a show by a local artist that you enjoyed, do pick up their latest album. It will be a source of warm recollections for years to come.

Plan some relaxation
Whether it's a mudbath or a hot tub or just having a quiet evening alone with your partner at your b and b (bed and breakfast), be sure to put that on your getaway itinerary. One thing you will find is that going out having fun is exhausting, so be sure to plan some time to just relax.


Romantic Getaway

What exactly is a romantic getaway? A romantic getaway can be defined as anywhere two people go to be alone and share their love. This can mean several different things according to what person you talk with. Some people may enjoy a walk along a sunny secluded beach while others may enjoy a snow capped mountain view. You may want to stay your in own private cabin or go out and see the sites together. The idea is that you are sharing your life with the person you love in a romantic setting that you both will enjoy and remember.

Whether you are wishing to renew your love, celebrate an anniversary or enjoy your honeymoon you will find there are many places to find a romantic getaway. This is a time to get to know each other even if you have been married for years. This will be a time to reestablish the love that you both share together.

A romantic getaway will be a memory that you both will share for many years to come; plan one every year to keep your marriage or your relationship alive and strong. Many times during our daily lives we tend to get wrapped up in work, family and sometimes forget to show our better half just how much we love and appreciate them. Spend quiet time with them to show just how much you care. Share an intimate conversation at dinner and take that moment to express your feelings: Your words will be appreciated.

A romantic getaway will put a zing back into your relationship that may have been put on a back burner due to other obligations.

If this is your first romantic getaway, then you will be exploring your love for one another and your life together. Plan a romantic dinner to be brought to your room along with flowers and champagne. Dress accordingly. Have everything you need delivered to your room or remember to bring it along in your luggage. This may be one time you may not want to leave your room except for stepping out on the balcony to share the sunset and sunrise wrapped in the arms of your loved one.

A romantic getaway can last as long you desire. You can plan a wonderful getaway for the weekend or even for an entire two weeks. If you are going on a longer getaway you will find many ways to enjoy the sites and other attractions while cuddling in each others arms or just holding hands. The idea is to not be apart for any amount of time but to enjoy it all together. This should be a time of bonding for the first time or for refreshing the love that is already there. You will return home with a new outlook on your partner and on life.

Love is a precious commodity that you should never take lightly. Try to plan as many romantic getaways as you can, so you can always hold dear the love that you both have for one another. Keep your love alive by enjoying every minute of your getaway in the arms of the special one for whom you care the most.

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